Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Seasons Greetings from THI

I want to take this time here to thank you all for helping make THI a successful SL Business. It's because of you that we have not only stayed in business but expanded and word of mouth from you discerning customers have helped build THI's reputation as one fo the best aircraft makers on SL. In the new year we will try to increase out quality, and maybe our output, to serve you in the coming year. Thank you. --Karl

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Aeronautica and THI at the Movies!

A Nice little Machinima by Messor Frog.
Planes :THI PZL. P. 11, USMC F4U-1. Location: Aeronautica.



Due to the fact that FlyinTails Aifield is abandoning the aviation theme and going only residential, we are closing the FTA store, and as such Vendors and associated property will be returned tomorrow. (Sunday Dec. 21.) We were there since March of 2006, and on the eve of 2009 we are closing, The business started there, but things change, We will need to be on the lookout as always for aviation themed sims we can set up vendors at, please let us know.


Saturday, December 13, 2008


phtography by Grey Nolder

Creem Pye Writes:

I'm pleased to announce that I am the proud father of the latest addition to the THI family. She is a healthy 10.1m long, 5,000kg aluminum bundle of joy. Her Pratt & Whitney R-2800-W has been beating at a steady 2,250hp. The mother (Karl, of course) is in good health, and expects a full recovery after some therapeutic dogfighting.

In other words, THI's USMC F4U-1 Corsair has been released and is spreading at our in-world vendors. Have yourselves a look and maybe a purchase!

The "Baby" is complete an now available at vendors in Blacktail Ridge, Aeronautica, 1944, and FlyinTails USF. Other Vendors it will be available tomorrow. Congratulations to Creem Pye, and Happy Birthday to the USMC F4u-1A


Monday, December 1, 2008

A Report from Sundays AAA Dogfight at Aeronautica

Text and Photos below by Mifune Thibaud:
Wrapup of AAA's first combat event - Success!
Thank you to everyone who came and participated, moderators/instructors and visitors!

Our first event was a big success! We had a respectable turnout of pilots, many of whom stayed all the wayfrom 12:00 - 2:30 SLT! (the event was only intended to be 1hr long, but everyone got very involved in the battles)

For this event we organized team based combat, using VICE. We split the pilots up into two teams, [AAA] for the pilots that would fly out from Aeronautica, and [URI] for those that would fly from the Undinian Rebel Island. We had a best 3 out of 5 competition where our pilots engaged in 3vs3 and 4vs4 combat. Scarlet Flak's URI wound up winning the event that day, but the AAA pilots put up a hell of a fight, with the event going all the way to 5 rounds. It was a good day and everyone had a lot fun.

We will be having another event next week, and we will try something new to keep things fresh. If you missed out on the event today, try to make it to the next event and invite some people!

Our events are always free, and they are not just combat related. Come join us
-Mifune Thibaud

Team 1 took off from Aeronautica Central

Team 2 took off from Undine Island

They would take to the Skies... a bid to deal death from above.

Only one Team would come out the victor... a wonderful display of organized carnage.

So I would encourage my reders to participate in these events and hope t not miss the one next week.