Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Initial Reaction to the Linden Price Hikes for Void Sims.

An expended comment left in Zoe Connolly's blog

I am a little concerned with the effect this will have on Flying, what with, Aeronautica, FlyinTails, as well as others having purchased Voidsims recently for the expressed purpose of flying. These, will most likely be returned to the Lindens before the proice hikes in January go into effect.

If you talk to Cubey, LL has not be exactly accomodatng to the flying interests, almost as soon as there were "free accounts", as of June 6th 2006. Since hen Ban Lines, and full parcels, have made cross country fling and airship exploration impossible. This now makes large open spaces for flying to be uneconomical.

I own Mainland propery, mostly commercial and admittedly ugly as sin, but it's a lot for selling cars and planes, nothing more (well yeah, and a prim bank for my unfortunately primheavy method of making textures in SL). The mainland is unsuitable for flying. and experience has taught us that flying in a single regular sim is akin to dogfighting in a fish tank. I am of the opinion that this wil impact aircraft sales and participation. This may be worse than the gambling ban for the economy, because for the aviation community, this hits us where we live.


Sunday, October 19, 2008

Budget Fighter Re-Issue

Good day to you all.

We are re-releasing our PF series of planes, now with a versionof the "Standard" THI flight scripts, and now with VICE combat as well as TCS, and CCC*. The old models were redone slightly as well with prims exchanged, or consolidated into stingle sculpties. The planes come in seeral flavors. The PF-01A is the first model, with a flat topped nose and flat spine and birdcage canopy. The PF-01B had a more rounded and stremlines aspect to reflect an engine change and new armament, a pair of Rocket Pods beneath the wings for Ground Attack. The third offering is the PF-01C. This one has a Malcolm Canopy and bomb racks. The final is the two place trainer Version the PT-01C. Lacking the supercharger,it shares the same basic airframe as the B and C model Fighters. It also allows the pilot to transfer control of the plane to the front seat passnger, or trainee. Very useful for flight instruction (or to hand off the controls so one can chat with their passenger). There may also be a Bubble Canopy "D" model soon.

All the planes have Modifiable Geometry, so if you feel adventurous you can re-arrainge the prims but do so please on a copy. all the external textures are Grascale so you can tint the plane to what ever color you so desire. If you are feeling creative put your own textures on it.

So if you are in the market for a inexpensive, but competative dogfighter, then Might I suggest you take a look at these budget priced offerings? Available at Blacktail Ridge and Xstreet SL
Clear Skies to you all.


*With Jillian Callahan's departure from SL CCC has ceased official development. THI may discontinue its support for this system in future releases.

Friday, October 17, 2008

We're back!

Back from my trip, and ready to proceed on the F4U, and the associate d tutorial. Expect it sometime next week!