Saturday, March 28, 2009

In searching around SL, and Xstreet SL I was unable to find a satisfactory Leather Flying Helmet. So if I cant find something I want, I make one. Announcing a new product line, "The Aviator's Collection", and the inaugural piece is the R.A.F. Type B Helmet Introduced in 1935, this was the Helmet used during the Battle of Britain, and replaced piecemeal in 1942 by the Type C. Combine this with Novum "Bomber Goggles" and The HIHILISMOST-RAF_PILOT Outfit, and you are set to Pilot yoru Hiurricane or Spitfire. and look good doing it.

15 prims with the main body and ear cups being a single sculptie. the other small bits can be adjusted after the main body is sized to the head and is a close fit for Humans, WILL NOT WORK FOR FURRIES, as most furry AV heads are spheres, not craniums.



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