Monday, February 2, 2009

Updates and a NEw Product

BAck again! I myself suffered a Hard Drive and a motherboard failure, but we are back and now it's time to make a few announcements!

The latest is a new Product, the THI Universal Aviation HUD.

I know a lot of you fly the work from other companies as well as our own, but sometimes don't you wish they had the flight instruments like ours? Well wish no more, because now, for 150L you can buy the new THU Universal HUD. Simply purchase, unpack and wear. It's that simple! but if you have a mod-able plane you can put an included script in the primary prim and lock the instruments to the plane in luselook. Available now at Blacktail Ridge, Aeronautica, 1944, and XStreet SL. Enjoy


Group Notice From: Duke Elliott

I'm very happy to announce an update of my PZL planes. It's mostly a visual update (new propeller) but we've also included a special display version of the plane which acts as a VICE target, so you can park it at the airfield and bomb it with your THI Hurricane ;)

To get the update, simply rez the older version of the plane.


And finally

The F4U 1A has been updated, with a few cosmetic upgrades, but expect alternate paint schemes to be offered very soon, now.

HAve a good day



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